This is an evening to completely relax and embark on a journey of sound and soul. Come sing or come listen and enjoy the power of sound to take you deep into the realms of peace and bliss.

Reema is honored to be leading an evening of call and response singing at Mandala Yoga PDX on Friday, January 9th from 7:30-9pm. She will be joined by her mother, LataShree, Michael Steen, Johanna Beekman and Hamid Shibata Bennett.

Donations will go to the Usha Yoga Foundation to bring yoga to marginalized communities.

*Saturday, November 8, December 13, January 10
Time: 6pm-9pm

You are welcome to come to one or all classes as menu varies with each class.

The evening begins with all of us enjoying a nutritious, delicious Indian meal, cooked using the healing principles of Ayurveda. We then learn about Ayurvedic nutrition, the healing properties of the spices and indulge in some hands on cooking experience...

Please email me directly at to register.
$65/person, $120/2 people. Includes full dinner, recipes and instruction.

Much love!

This amazing retreat will include morning yoga classes, afternoons of healing artwork, indulgence in Ayurvedic Indian meals throughout, and options for massage and bodywork.

Reema will be leading the yoga classes with Ryan Mulnick. Reema's mother, Lata Shree Datta, will be catering Ayurvedic meals, and visionary artist, Uma Mulnick, will guide the painting.

No prior art experience necessary!
Retreat house is located on the beautiful Oregon Coast in Manzanita

Oct 18-20: Big Fork, MT
Nov 14-16: Memphis, TN
Nov 22: Middletown, MD
Nov 23: Frederick, MD

June 5-7: Vienna, Austria
June 12-14: Zurich, CH
June 19-21: Oxford, UK

Weekend workshops includes asana, meditation, kirtan and Ayurvedic cooking classes.

"If we are to realize peace and harmony in the world, the time has come for us to dedicate ourselves to the reawakening of motherhood." - Amma

*Monday, August 25 7:30pm
*Tuesday, September 23 7:30pm

Motherhood is the ultimate pose beyond form! Mama Yoginis, please come over. Let's talk, laugh, cry, share our truths on these new moon evenings.

Please RSVP at
Free of charge

My blog on Yoga and Motherhood:

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